Power of Touch
                                ...by Karen

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You're invited...
... to experience the therapeutic healing power of massage.  The "Power of Touch" difference. 

Everyone has their own unique stress and muscle tension. 
You are unique & so is my touch.

My technique is uniquely different with each client. 
There is no protocol that is right for everyone. 
 Choreographed massage is not what I do. 

Utilizing various pressures and modalities I concentrate on fatiguing muscle groups. My style is not the typical "Spa" rub.   I use a synergy approach with a combination of techniques and  slow concentrated compressions to help facilitate therapeutic results.  My focus is to help reduce stress and  muscle tension.  My goal is to leave you relaxed with muscle tones normalized, stress relieved and an overall  feeling of wellness.

Aromatherapy is available and helps to enhance your massage.  Try Lavender for relaxation, Peppermint for muscle tension and headaches, Eucalyptus for sinuses and Grapefruit for an overall feeling of joy.    

I have a passion for care giving and believe massage is an alternative form of healing the mind, body & soul.  I also believe that deep tissue is a necessary tool and does not need to be excruciatingly painful.  It should hurt so good. 
Pain should be released not inflicted!


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(Prices Subject to Change Without Notice)

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