Power of Touch
                                ...by Karen

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About Karen

Karen became a massage therapist in 2007. She found her passion in life and enjoys every second that she makes a difference in people's physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

She has spent the last 20 years dedicating herself to the corporate world - enjoying the difference she made - but with everything considered, nothing compares to fulfilling her passion in life.

Working in her new field as an independent contractor made her realize how much more she could offer working for herself. She said
"I needed the control in order to best serve my clients."

Being told that she has a gift and talent for healing, Karen believes that this is the path she was meant to take in order to do the most good for people.

She has her own style of therapeutic massage that incorporates light, medium and firm pressure along with various modalities creating the "Power of Touch" difference. Karen is a care giver by nature, with a nurturing-healing touch. Her intention is to see you relieved from stress and pain, feeling relaxed and ready to conquer your world once again.

Each massage is unique to the client. Nothing is choreographed every massage is based on what your body tells her. Unless you have a severe chronic condition, each of your massages will take her some place new. Clients are amazed at what she discovers (areas they never knew had issues).

If this intro caught your attention...Karen looks forward to meeting you...If she is  not able to help you she will refer you to someone that she feels would be better qualified.

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